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Early Dental Care (Children) Early Dental Care (Children)

Early Dental Care (Children)

You can never start too early - Keep your child's teeth healthy!

Regular dental work for children from White Cedar Dental Care in Barrie, Ontario

When it comes to your children, you as a parent have an important role to play when it comes to their teeth. Within the first six months is when we start to see the first signs of baby teeth coming in. This is an important time for your child and it is recommended that you visit the dentist office so we can prevent any problems that might occur, before they arise.

Even before your child’s baby teeth emerge, it is suggested that you use a damp cloth to wipe their gums after feeding, to keep the inside of their mouth clean and free of any plaque.

When your child begins to teeth, their gums become irritated as their teeth grow in. The irritation can be subsided by the introduction of a teething ring or even if you gently rub their gums with a back of a metal spoon, damp gauze, or even your finger. But as your child nears the age of four, pacifier’s can become problematic and you should begin to ween your child from it to avoid interference with your child’s teeth development. This includes thumb sucking as well, which is normal but could possibly lead to problems in the future revolving around their teeth and jaw development.

By age six or seven, you child should begin to loose their baby teeth and their adult ones with take their place. It’s an exciting time for your child, where they get to experience loosing their teeth and putting them under their pillow for the Tooth Fairy to take. They should continue to loose their teeth up until they are twelve years old. It’s not bad for children to wiggle their loose teeth; everyone does it, but it is not okay for them to forcefully pull out the tooth if it isn’t ready. When you do that, it with cause bleeding, but if the tooth comes out naturally, you will see very little bleeding. Adult teeth with often look more yellow than you child’s baby teeth, which is perfectly natural. But you may also want to consider the possibly of the colour of their teeth being effected by medicine they’ve took, an accident that hurt the primary tooth, or an excessive amount of Fluoride. You can ask your dentist about this when you take your child in for their dental exam.

For more information about your child's dental care, call or stop by White Cedar Dental in Barrie, Ontario!

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