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Flap Surgery

Flap Surgery

Nobody Wants Gum Disease. Flap Surgery Can Stop It In It's Tracks.

White Cedar Dental in Barrie, Ontario offers flap dental surgery.

Flap Surgery is a procedure that involves your gums being lifted or folded back in the form of a flap to give dentists direct access to your roots and bones under the gums. This is necessary if you have excess plaque or tartar build-up and can prevent bone and tissue loss. By doing this, dentists can also eliminate bone defects.

In the end, your gums will be sutured and fitted back to your teeth. It is expected to have some discomfort, pain and/or minor bleeding within the first 48 hours. But you can find over-the-counter pain medication that will help relieve the pain.

For more information about flap surgery contact the dentist at White Care Dental in Barrie, Ontario.

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