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Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy can save your tooth from being pulled

Root Canal Therapy in Barrie, Ontario from White Cedar Dental Care

Have some discomfort around your teeth? Root Canal Therapy might be the solution!

Everyone of you will have some preconceived idea about root canals. They have been given poor publicity and have become synonymous with discomfort. Fortunately, most of our patients claim that they could not tell the difference between a root canal therapy appointment and having a filling done. Root canal therapy is just like a deep filling involving the root of the tooth. The area is anesthetized and the diseased portion is removed. A deep filling material is placed that seals your tooth from further infection. Remember that a tooth that has had a root canal will become brittle and will require a crown for strength.

If you think you might need Root Canal Therapy, call White Cedar Dental Care in Barrie, Ontario now to book an appointment! Dr. Bashi or Dr. Baraz will conduct an exam and advise you about the appropriateness of this treatment for you

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